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Time of entry should be 0600H (phil. time, GMT+8)

Good luck and happy trading!

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My Forex Training Journey Nov 14

Hello dear visitor. I bagged all my positions and closed everything in profit! With an 18.82% rise form my original capital. Cool huh! Hitting almost 20% within 5 days. If this trend continues, I may hit more trades before the end of the trading week.

no. of trading days: 5
platform/broker: fxcm
initial capital: $5,000.00
pair: eur/usd
leverage: 1:400
trading system: pivot point/grid systems (with sma/ema, rsi) for short/medium/long term trends
money management: 1% and 0.5% total capital per trade
open trade/s: 0
open order/s: 0
equity: $5,940.82
floating p/l: $0.00
ending balance: $5,940.82
gain percentage: 18.82%

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